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SitaRamayana - Kids Version

Sunil and Mehak, loved each other, they were from a different religion, but they struggled and got married, with their parent's concern.

They struggled to make an impactful life.
The kids were sent to kids care at times baby caretakers took care of them.
They used to get occupied by their work, but they strived to make time for the kids.
On the rotational basis they used to come a bit early, they managed their work and family.

Both Sunil and Mehak learned cooking by seeing the cookery shows and various youtube video, raising the child was not easy.
Pacifying the kids were difficult, they lost their sleep.
Dressing the kids taking them out, took a toll on them.

At times they used to fight like dogs and cat.
Once they see the kids face, they forget everything and started to share household chores.

With so many issues going around the world, both of them were worried about raising a kid in such a world.

Mehak: Sunil I can't raise kids, in a greedy world. There is so much of viol…

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