Monday, 18 March 2019

The Loop -- (Comedy, Inspiration)

She was the cursed daughter, of a holy soul,
As a child, she doesn't know,
What is good or what is bad,
Out of thought and pep talking.

She dwells in negative thoughts,
When she cursed, the animal flu came and,
Wiped the entire race of bulls.
Her mother couldn't recognize her thoughts.

She was sent to the school, it was a bright day.
Everything was beautiful, and she wished for earthquake,
Within seconds the school was scattered.
Only few of them, survived the disaster.

The rumor, about her, spread in the village,
The people were against her family.
She was under treatment with regular diagnosis,
Things started changing.

But all of sudden, bad things started to repeat,
Her mother out of anger and being helpless.
Decided to kill her,
Both of them, jumped into an abandoned well.
They were killed instantly, because of the stinky water, without any injury.

All these things, were being recorded in a phone,for entertainment.
By the village officials and youngsters.
The girl, though been declared as dead.
She lived in the video.

She wanted the justice,
She became a virus, and uploaded the video, and spread as a viral.

By repeatedly jumping in the well,
Every time, she hopes some one saves her.
By giving clues to the viewers.
But people took her as a joke.
They just commented, and kept sharing.

She got tired of acting on forwarded unread shares,
As no one didn't, watch it till end,
She got frustrated that she couldn't fire anyone to hell, who didn't give her justice.

Nowadays, she couldn't perform repeatedly even thou, shares are less.
Not because of being helpless,
There is no water in the well,
Every time, she breaks her bones, teeth, some time head injury as well and
Hospitalization costs were unbearable.

Yes, even after death, we need to go to hospital!

Let's save our self, by letting her free.
There is nothing called devil, Our thoughts makes the reality.
Save water, have a better world with better leaders.
Use technology to benefit humanity, and not as an entertainment at a cost of a life.

Twins -- (Horror,Mystery, Children)

Every day she sees me. Smiles at me, stares at me, make faces at me. I too, replicate her to sync with her. She is my world; I can’t survive without her .But some time she scolds and at times she pacifies me as precious gift. When she is busy, she doesn’t even spend time for me. In need ours is a complex relation.
How selfish is she!
How long can I be her slave?
The wait is over; it’s time for her to understand me.
I too have a life; I can’t live in this small world.
Let her feel my pain, my loneliness.
As she was speaking to herself.
The girl appeared and while she was looking at her, by smiling, she looked at her, with anger.
The girl was perplexed, before she could realize the situation; she dragged her, towards her
Out of shock, the girl cried. But she didn’t spare her. As she was much powerful than her, the girl gripped the support, and kicked her, as both were fighting.
Her parents came and they rescued the girl with a wound on her face. In spite of asking what happened, the girl said nothing. Then the girl changed, she behaved differently, she was not the same old girl, and she occasionally visited the other as they abused each other.
In the meantime the other girl, screamed at her, she asked her to show mercy. But she was a maniac devil, she didn’t have any emotions for her every night she tortures her.
Why she hated her? When the other one loved her!
Was it the lack of personal space between them? Or the sense of possessiveness?
Whatever it is, even the mirror reflection needs personal space and respect.
Please be aware of what you say, in front of a mirror, there may be an enemy, who may be spying you!
Think before you speak to yourself, as you are the architect of your life!


In the fast moving world,
They were made for each other,
He played various roles, and took the responsibility of the
House hold chores.

She comes back from work,
Interacts with him patiently,
He never demanded anything from her,
They had a beautiful family with two kids.

While living with them, she became more like them,
But she couldn’t be replaced unlike the other family members.
When they loose their life,
There were many women and men like her in the market,

They were of same ethnic origin, as that of the country and race,
All they wanted was energy and Wi-Fi.
A family with no commitment and demand, they just
Remained contended with technology upgrade
and electrical energy to survive.

Joint family was reduced to nuclear family, ensure it doesn’t get
Reduced to proton or electron, an unstable building component of life.

While running for future, don’t destroy the present,
Every day we are losing, part of us because people are
Taken for granted. Ensure that it doesn’t gets too late,
That only a replaceable she/he stays with you rather than a real
human companion.

Wealth unaccepted

She was with him,
When he was born,

She was his emotions,
When he was in

Pain, hunger, and during stress.
She was there for him,

Throughout the life,
But when he died,

She hoped someone,
Would accept her but none came.

She remains as an orphan, an unaccepted wealth.

The Ruler

The ruler, differs in each universe,
Butterfly effect interconnects the universes,
Permutation of life forms and treatment drives parallel,
We witnessed humans rule the earth, in our time.

Other companion species, rule the humans in their universe,
How we treat them, leads to a peace for our fellow humans.
Treat everyone equal, as they deserve a share in the universe.

Treat our fellow humans with dignity and respect, along with other life,
The wheel of rulers, rules the universe, even the earth have witnessed.
You need not fear death and hell, when equivalence in your mind.


Small, pretty ordinary and petty.
She has been through a tough journey,
she got buried, and trashed at times.

The sun gleamed and rain nourished her,
she grew, against all odds and one day she
blossomed into a flower.

It was one another Valentine's day,
but, she was not slaughtered,
she lived, and turned someone’s garden, with her family.

Love is not about plucking; it’s about strengthening the loved ones,
when we, start valuing others, we nourish them,
for making them better,
without suffocating them.


There are hands for love,
There are hands for rings,
There are hands for bracelet,
There are hands for luggage,

There are hands for driving,
There are hands for wrestling,
But there are less hands
For lending, save them as
Precious water.

The Loop -- (Comedy, Inspiration)

She was the cursed daughter, of a holy soul, As a child, she doesn't know, What is good or what is bad, Out of thought and pep talki...